Car Seat Fit Project

The car seat is one of the first and most important transportation-related purchases for your new child. released statistics that over 90% of parents believe their car seats are installed correctly and in reality over 70% are installed incorrectly. Getting fit right is a big deal. The safest car seat in the world is not safe when its the wrong size for the car, installed improperly or the child is not fastened correctly.

When I started shopping for a car seat before my first baby, I realized that the fit of a seat in your car is dependent on a few things:

  • The shape of the car interior
  • The shape and dimensions of the car seat
  • Whether a passenger or driver will be sitting in front of the child and how much room the person needs

For each car seat that was added to my shortlist of quality seats, I asked myself “is this the right shape for my car”? I borrowed friends’ seats and tried a few from stores to be sure but realized that not everyone has the time or access to a bunch of car seats to find the right one, so I decided to use the information I gathered to help other parents. Through testing of several car seats in different car shapes, researching other people’s reports of seats fitting, and compilation of data from all the major car manufacturers, we developed the SavvyParent.Club Car Seat Fit Project. We got geeky!

The Car Seat Fit Project uses our own algorithm based on known combinations of car seats and cars to make an educated assessment about whether a particular car seat will fit in a given car (makes and models going back over 15 years which covers most cars on the road today). We also used our internal car seat ranking system to identify the top 3 car seats that fit each car, assuming a 6-foot passenger sitting in front of the child. The system is dynamically updated, meaning that when we add more data to the database, each page is automatically updated to show the most accurate matching car seats in order of our rankings.

This project took time, effort and money to put together. Because of that, we’re participating in the Amazon Associates program which gives us a small percentage of each car seat sale made on Amazon using the links we provide. The rate we get is exactly the same for every seat, so there’s no worry of being biased. We sincerely thank you for your support of SPC!

Have a report of a car seat that does or does not fit in your car? Send me a report to with your car make/model/year combination and the model of the car seat to let me know if it fits. Your contributions help make the Car Seat Fit Project event better for other parents.

There are no official car seat fit measurement rules, only guidelines and recommendations. We’ve done our best to be as accurate as possible by relying on testing, reports of seat fit and our algorithm but it’s not going to be perfect. You should use your own judgment when deciding if a car seat does fit safely. Our information is meant for informational purposes to help narrow your search down.

If you have any feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


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